Intelligent Virtual Agents 2020 will be produced by Virtual Chair on the Gather platform.  This new online conference technology takes advantage of affordances of the virtual format for programmed content while maintaining the spontaneous interactions that stimulate physical conferences.  The main conference will take place between Oct. 20 and Oct. 22 with events scheduled around the clock for accessibility in many time zones. 

In advance of the main conference:

  • Pre-recording sessions.

During the main conference:

  • Watchparties with Q/A with authors for each contributed paper.
  • Poster sessions for further Q/A and discussion with authors.
  • Networking events
  • Plenary invited talks.
  • Social events.

Pre-recording Sessions

IVA’2020 will hold pre-recording sessions from September 28 to October 9 which will serve a dual purpose of facilitating the creation of videos of talks for playback during the main conference and enable a broader audience to attend.  Specifically, pre-recording is open for attendance without registration and scheduled with two sessions per day over ten days to give attendees access to the program at a more relaxed pace.  Details:

The pre-recording sessions will be held on Zoom Webinar accessible at the link above.

Main Conference

The main conference will be produced by Virtual Chair on the Gather platform.  This platform provides a 2d layout in which participants can navigate an avatar using the arrow keys.  When a group of avatars are in close proximity, a video conference is started.  Participants can sit at tables for private video conferencing space.  Participants can enter watch-party rooms for synchronized streamed talk videos.  These rooms are equipped with a podium for the speaker and microphones for the audience for live Q&A after talks.  The experience is much like a physical conference.


The pre-recordings of talks for the contributed papers in the conference will be scheduled in watch-parties over the course of the conference.  At a watch-party, the talk video is simultaneously streamed to everyone in attendance to watch together.  The authors of the papers will also be in attendance during the watchparty and can answer live text chat during the talk with the opportunity for live video Q&A after each talk.  

Poster Sessions

Authors of papers and others are encouraged to submit posters to appear in poster sessions that are scheduled throughout the conference.  Poster sessions work very well in the virtual format and are a great way for extended Q&A on contributed papers or late-breaking results.

Networking Sessions

Networking sessions such as junior-senior lunches and focused conversations will be scheduled throughout the program.  Participants join tables where focused conversations are happening and can move from table to table as they choose.

Social Events

The conference program includes many coffee breaks as well as a closing reception.